36TH IASP WORLD CONFERENCE The 4th Industrial Revolution: areas of innovation and science parks as key boosters for a successful transition NANTES 24 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019

About IASP



International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation


IASP mission is to be the global network for science parks and areas of innovation, and to drive growth, internationalisation and effectiveness for its members.


What IASP does :

  • coordinates a very active network of professionals that manage areas of innovation and science/technology parks
  • enhances new business opportunities for companies and research organisations located in these areas
  • assists the development and growth of new parks and other areas of innovation
  • increases the international visibility of its members and sponsors


IASP is:

  • a membership-based association
  • a worldwide network
  • an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation

The IASP World Conference has been held annually since 1984 and is the main networking event of the association, gathering an ever-increasing number of delegates and speakers from all over the world.


Recent conferences include: