36TH IASP WORLD CONFERENCE The 4th Industrial Revolution: areas of innovation and science parks as key boosters for a successful transition NANTES 24 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019

Meet the first sponsors of IASP 2019 Nantes


Atlanpole is proud to announce the first sponsors of the conference.



This year’s conference is organized with the kind support of the City of Nantes and the Pays de la Loire Region, as well as the ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency).

In addition to these precious public partners, many companies are interested in taking part in this event. Many of them relate to the theme, they are all concerned about the Industry of the Future and how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will affect their industry. This unique opportunity of sharing experiences with science parks and areas of innovation from all over the world already working this field, ancitipating the impacts and facilitating the transition is not to be missed.



We are pleased to introduce our partners to this day:



Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry, a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. Airbus is now changing its industrial system and having the opportunity to debate the new manufacturing technologies, the digital transformation and the new ways of collaboration is very important to them.






Naval Group is the European leader in naval defence and a major player in marine renewable energies. Based in Nantes, innovation is fundamental at Naval Group. It has been at the heart of their DNA, ever since 1858 and creation of La Gloire, the world’s first armored frigate. This tradition followed with Le Narval, the first submarine, built in 1899, and continues right up to our own day, with the landing of a self-piloted drone on a frigate at sea – another world first. These technological breakthroughs at Naval Group have been the reference for the naval, defence and energy industries, and have consolidated the group’s position as global leader.





In France, Engie offers high-performance, innovative solutions to personal customers, urban authorities and companies with a diverse portfolio of natural gas supply options and a flexible low-CO2 emissions power generating base. The Group offers a unique level of expertise in independent power generation, natural gas supply and energy services provision. All three are essential facilitators of the energy and ecological transition now underway.


Since its origins in the first half of the 19th century, Engie has built on its French expertise to become the world’s most international energy provider, without compromising its solid base in its historically most important market. Today, the Group is France’s leading supplier of natural gas and energy efficiency services and the country’s second-largest power generator.

In responding to the rising demand for energy in rapidly growing economies and the profound changes now underway in the European energy sector, Engie is hard at work in France and around the world to establish itself as the leading force in the energy transition by focusing on renewables and energy performance.






With the strategic plan « La Poste 2020 : For a Successful Future », La Poste is expanding its range of activities, making useful and accessible innovation the driving force behind its development.

La Poste believes that digital technology can simplify the lives of everyone. They implement innovation in tangible ways, creating services which are relevant and accessible to all, everywhere, every day. There is the « Watch Over My Parents » initiative for instance, where postmen and women regularly visit the elderly to give their families peace of mind.
Digital innovation is accessible to all with Digiposte+, their smart safe, and Jaab, their connected digital wallet which helps young people manage their budget. They also support innovative start-ups like KissKissBankBank, which was recently acquired by the Group. They have built up a French subsidiary working on connected objects around the La Poste Digital Hub.


This innovative ecosystem crosses all their roles from the oldest, such as postal delivery, to new jobs in areas like digital transformation, eHealth, green logistics, future administration, helping create smart, connected cities, etc. These things touch us all ; we are all affected by the ways in which society develops. We can all gain from this ability to reinvent ourselves and anticipate citizens’ future needs.
This is why innovation must always be encouraged. It motivates La Poste to work with a wide range of external partners (SMEs, start-ups, authorities, universities, SSE organisations, etc.) whose innovations fit well with their strategy. This kind of open innovation is embodied by the Start’In’Post accelerator, the French IoT start-up support programme and the Yellow Innovation ideas lab, a creative place which brings together internal and external employees… The objective? To encourage ideas to flow in from all directions. To explore every option. To leave no stone unturned.


Innovation by La Poste is about useful and accessible innovation by everyone and for everyone. Innovation to make life easier.





Leyton is a leading consultancy firm on the funding of innovation.

Founded in 1997, Leyton is Europe’s leading R&D tax credit specialist. They have 21 offices in 10 countries with expert teams dedicated to maximising their clients’ innovation potential by harnessing the benefits of R&D tax credits, patent box and grant funding. Their success is the result of developing specialist teams that are a mix of highly qualified tax experts and sector specialists who understand the challenges of the businesses. Their technical consultants cover a wide range of backgrounds; from engineering to software, architecture to life sciences. Leyton’s service is based on a win-win partnership. They follow a clear methodology, built on tested know-how and in full compliance with current legislation.


Leyton’s multidisciplinary teams consist of highly qualified consultants with several years’ experience working in the industry who work together to quickly develop effective savings solutions. They have created savings in a wide range of industry sectors: Software, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Food & Drink, Architecture and many more.





Airbus, Naval Group and Engie will participate in the Open Innovation Session during the event, presenting their vision of the future, their needs in technology and the possible collaborations. After this short presentation, you will then have the opportunity to hold individual meetings with them to explore partnership opportunities or to discuss shared experiences and issues.








Interested in joining them and becoming a sponsor?