36TH IASP WORLD CONFERENCE The 4th Industrial Revolution: areas of innovation and science parks as key boosters for a successful transition NANTES 24 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019


Wednesday September 25, 2019
16h15 – 18h15 – Auditorium 800 – La Cité Nantes Congress Centre


A special session of open-innovation where industrials will come and share their vision of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the challenges they meet.




Representants from three of our sponsors will pitch in plenary session from 16h15 to 17h15 in Auditorium 800 of La Cité Nantes Congress Centre.


They will share their vision of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the opportunities and challenges they face and how collaboration with science parks and areas of innovation can help them into the transition.


Which technologies do they need? What technological solutions are they looking for? Are there innovative startups they should know about in their field? All these questions can have an answer in plenary session by the speakers of each industrial group.


Need to go deeper? You would like to have a formal meeting with one of them?

It will be possible during the B2B meeting session from 17h15 to 18h15 in the Lounge Area.



Check the schedule and fill the form below to set a meeting