36TH IASP WORLD CONFERENCE The 4th Industrial Revolution: areas of innovation and science parks as key boosters for a successful transition NANTES 24 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019


« The 4th Industrial Revolution: Areas of Innovation and Science Parks as key boosters for a successful transition »


We define the 4th industrial revolution by the convergence of digital technologies (Big Data, IoT, …), biotechnologies, and the physics of the infinitely small. The great promises of this fourth industrial revolution are to seduce consumers with unique and personalized products.

In addition to the technological aspects, this fourth industrial revolution affects different aspects of our modern societies. New challenges emerge through this new way of producing: economic, social, political, environmental.


Multi-disciplinary, at the crossroads of digital and all its application markets, connecting researchers, startups and large companies, IASP’s “innovation hubs” are ideally placed to support this 4th industrial revolution, which impacts all sectors and to ensure that its upheavals are sustainable for the economy and society.


Sharing good practices and debating the impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution on our industry is the challenge the 36th IASP World Conference proposes to meet.