36TH IASP WORLD CONFERENCE The 4th Industrial Revolution: areas of innovation and science parks as key boosters for a successful transition NANTES 24 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019

Welcome messages

Dear IASP World Conference delegates,


I hope you’re looking forward to the 36th IASP World Conference, “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Areas of Innovation and Science Parks as Key Boosters for a Successful Transition.” Experts will share insight and inspire conversation around the importance of research, development, and technology on economic development.


Areas of innovation play a key role in helping regions take advantage of new opportunities for the future. We know that “Living laboratories” in the city, supported by public-private co-financing, can expedite the implementation of innovative solutions in these areas. We also know that community development requires knowledge development to sustain a healthy economy. These Areas of Innovation are transformative: establishing a co-working and business incubation space in an existing office space or creating intentional locations where high tech businesses can cluster.


Take for instance Ann Arbor, where this confluence of factors proves to be a powerful catalyst of economic growth. How my region, an area of innovation, can capitalize on also having a science park in its core downtown area to foster company creation and growth is a topic I’ll be reflecting on while participating in the conference. I look forward to hearing your input, ideas, and opportunities within your communities as we all connect and gain valuable knowledge.


Thank you to Atlanpole, the Nantes Atlantique Technopole and Business Incubator, for hosting us during this conference. To all attendees, welcome.


Paul Krutko
IASP International President






Dear participants,


It is our great pleasure to host the 36th IASP World Conference, in September 2019 in Nantes, France, under the high patronage of Mr Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic.

As the main city of western France, capital of the Pays de la Loire Region and European Green capital 2013, Nantes is an attractive, eco-friendly and comfortably-sized city – rated among the best cities in France and Europe for the convergence between territory, urban life, civic life, digital uses and quality of life.


With a very strong commitment of the greater Nantes metropolis around the energy transition, the “Smart City” focus and the economic dynamism around innovation, no wonder our 2019 Conference theme around the “4th Industrial Revolution” will be passionately debated in the context of our Conference, with IASP participants and delegates, as well as renowned experts, decision-makers and influencers.


A long time member of IASP, Technopole of the Nantes University basin, Atlanpole is the “driving force” of the Greater Nantes Area of Innovation, and the Pays de la Loire regional ecosystem, comprising more than 450 companies, several Sciences Parks, incubators, accelerators, and connecting all Western France innovative clusters from various fields (Digital, Advanced Manufacturing, Biotech, Agrofood, Clean Tech, …).


We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you in Nantes in 2019 and we keep on being strongly committed to ensuring you, our dear guests, the best conditions to make the most of your stay in France in terms of both business and entertainment!

Best regards,


Jean-François Balducchi
Atlanpole Director General